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Partner Experience Transformation Watson Watson Build series Worldwide

Watson Build update: Simple Chatbot solution example for the call center

We are now two months into the Watson Build challenge for Business Partners, which has taken us on a whirlwind trip around the world. In the coming weeks, we’ll be in Moscow and Prague, followed by more North American events in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Toronto.

Interestingly, regardless of geography, one thing is universal: the need for innovative cognitive solutions isn’t just about building complex enterprise applications. Simple, specialized applications can bring tremendous value to the enterprise in today’s market. And just because you’re targeting simple solutions, the payoff for delivering the right solution can still be significant. To demonstrate how the IBM Watson Build can help Business Partners build high-value, simple cognitive solutions, we drafted an example business plan featuring something we call the Customer Service Automated Chatbot, built with Watson APIs.

Leveraging Watson cognitive power in the call center

I encourage you to check out our simplified sample entry, Business Plan for ABC Call Center Technology Company, which contains some great insights on how to go about developing a simple marketing solution for small-business call centers. This is not a template, of course, but more of an illustration—both inspirational and practical—of how you can create a business plan that takes into account technology, business design, go-to-market strategy, and crucially, financial planning.

By enabling a Watson-based Chatbot application, automation can be achieved alongside a much more natural language experience for customers, and specific conversational questions will prompt replies that can be utilized by sales and marketing teams to drive additional outreach and revenue from the target audience. And because today’s modern call center is all-important for customer engagement, an innovative call center solution can point the way to continuously extracting new insights from each customer interaction, and expanding from there.

In closing, if you caught my blog last week, you’ll know that we’ve now also extended the deadline for business plans to May 30—so there’s still time to join the Watson Build, review the sample business plans, and find out how Watson can help take your firm and your clients into the Cognitive Era. As always, I look forward to your ideas and comments.

Jamie Mendez (@JAMENDEZ11)
Director, IBM PartnerWorld

Jamie Mendez is Director, Channel Marketing, IBM.

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