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ANALYTICS Sistema bancario e finanziario Watson In tutto il mondo

Watson Financial Services offre una crescita del fatturato a due cifre nel Q3

I’ve been meeting with Business Partners, CEOs and business executives at Sibos and Money 20/20 over the past two weeks. Our clients are discussing the value of applying cognitive, cloud and blockchain to improve core processes, reduce costs and increase transparency. Not only is our strategy resonating with industry leaders around the world, but I’m pleased to report that in Q3, Watson FSS Industry Platforms passed our first-year milestone with double-digit growth in revenue. We’ve been moving at the speed of a startup and we will continue to add new industry platforms across our strategic industries. It hasn’t always been easy, but I want to thank you for your partnership and your dedication to transforming industries together for our clients—we are working towards a strong finish for our inaugural year.

Our priority in this final quarter of our inaugural year is to close every deal and demonstrate the value our Business Partner ecosystem delivers to our business. In our recent webcast on October 5, 2017, we focused on our Governance, Rischio & Conformità (GRC) strategia, sales and marketing assets, including the anatomy of a win in our strategic channel offerings: OpenPages and Algorithmics. If you missed the live event, Vi incoraggio a watch the recorded webcast. Per esempio, the new OpenPages on Cloud starter edition is a strategic offering for partners. di conseguenza, we’ve updated our sales plays and marketing campaigns for Q4 to give you the assets you need to build a world-class, high-margin SaaS business with OpenPages and Algorithmics.

Another strategic area of our portfolio for Business Partners is Sales Performance Management (SPM). It’s your opportunity to lead with our newest version and migrate customers by introducing new analytics capabilities to optimize sales and continue to focus on margin and operational improvements. I want to highlight a recent win by InnoVyne Technologies at the largest bank in the State of Michigan. The client had over 30 different compensation plans spread over 2,500 payees. InnoVyne was able to close the deal in six months for over USD 460,000. The secret to their success is to use the client’s data in the proof of concept (POC), demonstrate deep skills and expertise, and attend every client meeting prepared. Here’s a direct quote from the bank: “Your customer dedication and commitment to the sales process was unmatched. You were always prepared.” If you are selling SPM, you can use the new SPM Event-in-a-box kit to help execute client-facing events with IBM Co-marketing dollars.

It’s hard to believe we just launched our first Industry Platform earlier this year, starting with the IBM Cloud for Watson Financial Services. Our strategy is to continue to build offerings powered by augmented intelligence and expand new customer market growth opportunities with your differentiated industry solutions. As we continue to accelerate enterprise client transformation in evolving markets, I’m looking for the Business Partner with the best line-of-business or industry solution who can demonstrate business value for the client and revenue growth. It would be my honor to present our first Outstanding Watson FSS Industry Solution Beacon Award a il evento IBM per 2018, Pensare 2018. If you have a solution that builds on or embeds IBM Watson Financial Services Solution offerings, I encourage you to submit your Beacon Award nomination before January 16, 2018.

Infine, continue to take advantage of our Q4 sales plays, including our new GRC OpenPages Lite and the Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) giochi lite, per accelerare nuovo sviluppo pipeline e massimizzare le vendite ai nostri clienti.

Chiamata all'azione:

  1. Rivedere e utilizzare il nuovo Watson Financial Services Industry Solution Plays Q4 vendita.
  2. Invia il tuo candidatura Outstanding Watson Financial Services Industry Solution Beacon Award prima di gennaio 16, 2018.
  3. Register to watch our recorded webcast: Vincere la rivoluzione RegTech con IBM Governance, Rischio & Conformità (GRC).
  4. aggiorna il tuo Analytics Solutions Competencies per un vantaggio competitivo per ottenere 100 percent Co-marketing benefits to build a pipeline of Client Insights for Wealth Management.
  5. Leggere il mensile Watson FSS Business Partner Newsflash—your one-stop update for all of the strategic partner news for the month.

Grazie per il vostro investimento in corso in IBM Watson Financial Solutions e le nostre piattaforme Industry. Come sempre, you can let me know what you think using the comments feature below. Continuiamo a dominare mentre ci evolviamo insieme le nostre imprese, portare nel successo dei clienti e mai guardare indietro!

Amy Lewis,
Direttore – Worldwide Business Partners Vendite e Sviluppo Ecosistema, Watson Servizi finanziari Soluzioni, Piattaforme di settore

Amy Lewis, Direttore, Worldwide Business Partner di vendita e ecosistema di sviluppo per Watson Servizi finanziari Soluzioni, Piattaforme di settore, è responsabile per Business Partner Canali strategia di crescita, go-to-market di pianificazione e di vendita per le piattaforme Watson settore dei servizi finanziari. MS. Lewis ha oltre 18 anni di esperienza di leadership nella consulenza, analisi di business e le industrie software di gestione aziendale delle prestazioni. Si è unita IBM attraverso l'acquisizione di Cognos in 2008, dove è stata Direttore, Performance Management finanziario globale, Canali di Business Partner.

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