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ANALYTICS Financeiro e bancário Generating Demand Infra-estrutura Watson Em todo o mundo

Watson Serviços Financeiros oferta pode ajudar os responsáveis ​​pela conformidade evitar multas caras e penalidades

The Financial Services industry is at a crossroads, and IBM is capitalizing on our cognitive capabilities to dominate RegTech (Regulatory Technology) com Watson. Using Watson Financial Services offerings, compliance officers can keep up with 20,000 new or modified revisions a year and 200 revisions a day without blinking an eye. IBM is executing a new media campaign this week to inform the world about our competitive advantage in RegTech with Watson. The time is now to call on compliance officers to demonstrate how IBM Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance solutions can help their companies avoid costly fines and penalties.

Se inscrever para o nosso webcast de outubro 5, 2017: Win the RegTech revolution with IBM Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) to learn more about how you can leverage our solutions in your practice, and read about the new IBM ad campaign on ibm.com/regtech.

Customer Insight Solutions for Banking and Insurance and our Client Insight for Wealth Management are receiving resounding interest and results from clients and partners. The value of our offerings is now being recognized by both banks and insurance companies, and we began deployments of our first customers using Client Insights for Wealth Management in the Cloud during the first half of 2017.

To expand new customer market growth opportunities, we’re moving the CI suite to a new delivery model that will leverage the IBM Cloud para os Serviços Financeiros (known to some as ICFS or the FinTech Hub) to deliver API-based solutions. This is the second IBM Watson Financial Services solution set to leverage the platform, following Risk Analytics (Algorithmics) APIs, where we now have live customers using these APIs. This change cohesively aligns to our Industry Platform strategy, expanding our market growth opportunities. Plus, this makes it easier for developers to integrate horizontal APIs from Watson and other areas of IBM into industry accelerators and repeatable solutions with services to grow your business.

We are relying on our Business Partners to engage financial institutions to demonstrate the CI suite and focus on building unique solutions for clients. In 4Q 2017, Customer Insights for Insurance will be the first offering on ICFS, with Wealth and Banking to follow. This is exciting news and my team is available to work with you on these opportunities. Let me share a use case on why a FinTech entered into a new partnership with IBM to deliver a Customer Insight for Wealth Management solution in the cloud for its clients. The goal was to deliver differentiated and innovative wealth management services available as a fee through a web portal, to improve customer satisfaction and retain clients. The FinTech was able to transform and modernize its wealth management infrastructure with minimal investment and generate revenue faster than if it had to develop a new solution in-house. For assistance on how to get started, please contact John Scott on my team at [email protected].

Finally, continue to take advantage of our Q3/Q4 sales plays, including our new Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) OpenPages Lite and the Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) Lite plays, to accelerate new pipeline development and maximize sales to our clients.

De ação:

  1. Review and use the new Watson Financial Services Industry Solutions Q3/Q4 sales plays
  2. Uso o New Client Closer Promotion to close deals in ICM and GRC until Sept 30, 2017
  3. Register for the October 5, 2017 webcast: Win the RegTech revolution with IBM Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
  4. Use the presentations in the IBM Client Insight for Wealth Management Sales Play with clients
  5. Safer payments will be very strategic for partners starting in Q4, so get a jump-start on new regulations, presentations and other key assets in the new Safer Payments sales kit
  6. Update your Analytics Solutions Competencies for a competitive advantage to achieve 100 percent co-marketing benefits to build a pipeline of Client Insights for Wealth Management

Thank you for your ongoing investment in IBM Watson Financial Solutions and our Industry Platforms. Vamos continuar a dominar como nós coletivamente evoluir nossos negócios, liderar o sucesso do cliente e nunca olhar para trás! Você pode deixe-me saber o que você pensa, usando o recurso de comentários abaixo.

Amy Lewis,
Diretor – Worldwide Business Parceiros Vendas e Desenvolvimento de Ecossistemas, Watson Financial Services Solutions, Plataformas da indústria

Amy Lewis, Diretor, Worldwide Business Partners Vendas e Desenvolvimento de Ecossistemas para Watson Financial Services Solutions, Plataformas da indústria, é responsável por parceiro de negócios estratégia de crescimento Canais, go-to-market planejamento e vendas para Plataformas Watson Financial Services Industry. Senhora. Lewis tem mais 18 anos de experiência de liderança em consultoria, análise de negócios e indústrias de software corporativo de gestão de desempenho. Ela entrou para a IBM através da aquisição da Cognos em 2008, onde foi Director, Global Management Desempenho Financeiro, Canais de parceiro de negócios.

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