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Prochaines étapes pour Watson construire 2018?

The response from IBM Business Partners to Watson Build 2018, the global initiative we launched in May, has been overwhelming.

It’s hard to imagine that this year’s program could surpass the revolutionary AI solutions that participating Business Partners developed in 2017, but we are well on our way with a staggering response and participation from the ecosystem.

Here are a couple of reasons I’m so excited about what comes next in Phase 2, which is focused on build:

    • Plus de 500 Business Partners registered to participate in 2018—more than twice as many as last year. The attraction for Business Partners to create their own unique AI solution based on Watson APIs is generating momentum. I think it also reflects the increasing interest among businesses and clients for AI solutions that use technology in ways that are creative and potentially game-changing. It’s inspiring to be a part of helping our Business Partners create and bring new IP to market for their clients.

    • Plus de 400 of the Watson Build 2018 business plans submitted in Phase 1 have been approved for the build phase. True to our tradition of lending as much assistance as we can in this program, qualifying participants will receive USD 7,000 in technology credits (IBM Watson and Cloud services) to help develop and submit their prototypes in time for the Phase 2 Build deadline on November 6.

De plus,, participating Business Partners get access to some of the best minds in the industry through our Watson Workspace, where IBM technical mentors are standing by to help with development questions. Participants can also request a 30-minute technical consultation as they build their prototypes embedded with IBM technology.

Construire Watson 2018 is designed to help Business Partners Pense, Construire et Showcase innovative solutions. Each geography will conduct a competition to select their Watson Build 2018 Geography Champion. The Showcase phase takes place during our global conference, PartnerWorld Think, in February of 2019 à San Francisco. This will all lead up to the big reveal—the official presentation of our Watson Build 2018 Global Champion.

I can’t wait to see what this year’s participants will build. Stay tuned to be inspired as Watson Build 2018 moves into the next phase!

Catherine Solazzo
Vice Président, IBM Ecosystem Marketing

As Vice President of the IBM Ecosystem Marketing team, Catherine Solazzo has global responsibility for IBM’s co-marketing programs, branding efforts and demand generation.

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