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Executive Perspective Generating Demand Transformation Worldwide

Why Cognitive Business is important to IBM Business Partners

IBM announced a new point of view that we call Cognitive Business—and launched the industry’s first consulting organization dedicated to helping our clients realize the transformational value in the cognitive era of computing.

For the past several years, the IT industry has been re-ordering, driven by simultaneous developments in data, analytics, cloud, mobile and social. During this time, IBM and our Business Partners have been transforming, to lead the industry.

In the process of re-ordering, we have learned what matters most to our clients. With our Business Partners, we have learned that the greatest value has come from putting these capabilities together—and helping our clients solve business problems.

In the next weeks and months, you will hear more about IBM Cognitive Business Solutions, which extend the leadership of IBM Watson and the company’s established market leadership in business analytics.

This new vision speaks to IBM’s strategy and purpose. It is a powerful and urgent idea, grounded in real science with extensive applications, and also in business and society. Data in all its forms is expanding as a resource waiting to be utilized, yet 80 percent of data is invisible to computers, and current IT systems can’t see or make sense of it.

A Cognitive Business uses systems that can understand, reason and learn to tap into all that data. In turn, objects, products and processes are able to “think”—sense what matters, reason across all the data, and constantly learn and improve. By harnessing cognitive computing, people will transform entire businesses, industries—and the world.

I think there’s an opportunity for Business Partners to transform to become more cognitive and at the same time, to provide new ways to work with our existing clients, as well as forge new relationships

Today, Cognitive Business is real, and IBM brings exclusive capabilities and advantages — from Watson’s global presence and client roster, to the world’s largest data science workforce and industry leadership in analytics, Bluemix and the IBM Marketplace.

Cognitive Business is a point of view that builds on everything we have been doing together. I believe it differentiates IBM and our Business Partner ecosystem, in the way we go to market together to help our clients take the next steps.

This opens new opportunities for you, and we invite all of our Business Partners to join us in assisting our mutual clients on this exciting new phase of their transformations. In the coming weeks, we will be providing you with an extensive portfolio of enablement and content assets you can use to understand the opportunities that cognitive computing represents and how you can capitalize, participate and begin the conversation with your clients.

The starting point for this will be a new Think Academy module made available to Business Partners through PartnerWorld the week of October 12. I encourage all IBM Business Partners to take advantage of this content as it becomes available and join us on this journey.

Marc Dupaquier (@Marcdupa)


(Note: Starting the week of Oct 12, you can visit IBM Think Academy here – https://ibm.biz/cognitive-thinkacademy)


Marc Dupaquier was appointed General Manager, IBM Global Business Partners and Midmarket, in January 2014, and is responsible for leading the organization that supports IBM’s approximately 120,000 Business Partners.

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