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Welcome to my first post on Business Partner Voices. The purpose of this article is to help you leverage an IBM® PartnerWorld® benefit you may not be familiar with. Now that I’ve assumed worldwide responsibility for IBM Web Content Syndication, my goal is to give you an insider’s perspective on how to use this important feature to boost awareness on the web for your company’s close relationship with IBM.


What is Web Content Syndication?
Web Content Syndication enables IBM Business Partners to leverage IBM marketing content on their own websites to promote IBM products, services and solutions in order to create new customer lead responses. It’s a key piece of IBM’s channel marketing web strategy meant to help our Business Partners identify new customer opportunities and independently manage them through the sales cycle, from opportunity identification and opportunity ownership to closure.

Now, you may be thinking that it can’t possibly be that easy. But it is—syndicating IBM content can be fast, easy and automatic.

Increase worldwide visibility
Getting the word out across different languages and geographies can be challenging. Partners have enough to do without having to create, update and maintain IBM content on their own. With automatic updates, IBM content is kept fresh and up to date. Currently, content is available for IBM Systems, Software, Services, Cloud Computing, PureSystems, Retail Store Systems and Global Finance in 12 languages, with more syndicated content coming.

Our partners tell us that syndicating IBM content helps them increase the visibility of their IBM partnership, adds depth and breadth to their websites and helps them increase customer response and lead generation. More than 1,600 IBM Business Partners are already taking advantage of this service worldwide, and we’re also hearing that the cost savings realized by Web Content Syndication can be significant. A comment I received the other day from a current IBM Business Partner sums it up:

“Excellent content that would otherwise have cost us thousands of dollars!”

Take the next steps to stand out
I hope you’ll continue to follow this blog as I offer tips on syndicating IBM web content and share stories chronicling our Business Partners’ success using this important PartnerWorld benefit. Future blogs will delve deeper into content strategies such as improving your search engine optimization, and much more.

To start putting this benefit to work for you, please visit the Web Content Syndication page on PartnerWorld.



  1. Hi

    I just put together our syndicated page & it took about 15 minutes. I am not a web guy, but it was extremely simple to do. Great resource – what are you thinking for future enhancements?

    • From a Software perspective we are seeking to expand in the near term our Enterprise Marketing Management, Smarter Cities Operations, and Tivoli content. We just updated all our Business Analytics, Enterprise Content Management, and Information Management pages aligned to the Information On Demand 2012 event that just finished in Las Vegas. We constantly change and augment the syndicating showcases that provide lead responses to our partners so our partners can focus on driving business and generating revenue instead of updating websites.

    • Thanks for your comment Kon, and good luck with your syndicated IBM content.

      In addition to the enhancements to content that Al Ramirez mentions in his comment….these are some other enhancements we are considering…

      1. greater flexibility in the types of content you can syndicate and how you present it on your pages.
      2. a capability to syndicate campaign content (for example email templates) you can customize and use in tour marketing activity
      3. a capability to syndicate social content. (think tweets and blog posts) that you could tailor and use in your social media marketing.

      We would welcome further comments from you and other Business Partners on which of these you would find of most value…or any other suggestions.

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