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CLOUD Executive Perspective Healthcare Transformation Worldwide

Winning with IBM Power Systems: Cognitive workloads and the Modern Data Platform

As digital disruption transforms every industry from retail to healthcare, every new challenge presents unprecedented opportunity. Technology trends are shifting toward more cost-effective open source and cloud solutions, powering a new era of innovation and increased competition. But the primary drivers for open source adoption—cost savings, flexibility and innovation—must be met and supported by reliable, high-performance platforms. Nowhere is this more important than in healthcare, where data access and integrity can literally save lives.

Industry studies indicate that every day we create more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data—so much that 90 percent of the data in the world has been created in the last two years alone. Compare that to 1992, when about 100 GB was generated daily, and to 2002, when the same quantity was generated every second. By 2018, data creation will reach more than 50,000 GB per second, with 90 percent of it unstructured. A tremendous share of unstructured data is generated by the healthcare industry.

For IBM Business Partners, digital disruptions and data growth create important opportunities.

Supporting data-intensive workloads with the Modern Data Platform

The Modern Data Platform (MDP)—supported by open source data management solutions such as MongoDB, EDB Postgres, Neo4j, Redis and Kinetica on IBM Power Systems—is shaking up the status quo among x86 competitors, providing cognitive-ready foundations for data-intensive workloads.

A recent win illustrates how Power Systems can support the cost-savings, flexibility and innovation promised by the MDP. A startup Business Partner offering healthcare solutions used a combination of x86 and the services of a popular CSP to host its software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. But the benefits promised by an open source database (OSDB) were hindered by frequent outages in the cloud environment, amplified by limited access to the IT infrastructure that prevented their determining the cause of the outages. The Business Partner recognized that the ability to deliver its SaaS application reliably demanded an accessible, on-premises solution.

The sales team developed a proof-of-concept to fully acquaint the Business Partner with Linux on Power. IBM Lab Services created a custom OSDB solution that replicated the existing production environment, and delivered quick-start services and skills transfer to help the company become fully conversant on the new platform. The IBM team demonstrated, in real time, that the Linux on Power solution performed dramatically better than the x86 solution. Performance improved by more than 90 percent, with processes that had formerly required more than 6 hours to perform slashed to under 30 minutes. It took very little time to convince the Business Partner that Power Systems was the right choice.

Feel free to take this example to your clients and offer these compelling alternative solutions to existing options. As this example shows, IBM is a great choice for small but growing startups with limited infrastructure. On-premises solutions are not cost-prohibitive, and they provide the flexibility and innovation that are truly game-changing for our clients.

Please follow the link to learn more about IBM Power Systems, and share your comments and suggestions below.

Bruce Maule (@BMaule)
Vice President,
WW Systems and Cloud Channel Marketing

Bruce Maule is Vice President, Ecosystem Marketing - IBM Systems. In this role, Bruce has responsibility for the design and execution of worldwide channel and marketing programs for IBM Partners that sell and support IBM Systems hardware and software offerings. He also leads several programs designed to assist influencers, whose solutions are built on IBM Systems offerings, to grow more rapidly. He is a leader in Digital Marketing and helps Partners to transform their marketing activities to digital.

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