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Partner Experience Think 2019 Quiz Worldwide

Drive your pioneering efforts forward at Think 2019

What type of innovator are you? Take our short quiz to find out. Then discover what’s in store for innovators just like you at Think 2019.

You’re a pioneer, striving to be first to market with new ideas and solutions. You also want to expand your business far and wide, reaching new customers across the globe. You are driven to identify emerging opportunities and rapidly deliver industry-changing products.

When you arrive in San Francisco for Think 2019, you’ll be in a city that has long served as a destination for business and technology pioneers. For example, Levi Strauss came to San Francisco in 1853 to expand his family’s dry goods business to the burgeoning West Coast commercial hub. After tailor Jacob Davis invented riveted denim pants, Strauss and Davis went into business together, selling the jeans they patented in 1873. Today Levi Strauss & Co.—one of the world’s largest brand-name apparel marketers—is still headquartered in San Francisco.

Pioneers continued to flow into the San Francisco Bay Area in the twentieth century. During the 1950s, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and physicists migrated to this part of California to collaborate on new transistor and semiconductor designs. In and around San Jose, these pioneers later developed the microprocessors that fueled the personal computer revolution.

Uncovering the pioneering history at IBM

IBM has also had a long history of pioneering firsts. In the 1940s, the company created the first-ever corporate pure science research laboratory in the United States—an organization that later became IBM Research. In the 1950s, an IBM programmer created the first high-level language, FORTRAN. And in the 1960s, the IBM System/360 was the first computer platform to offer interchangeable software and peripherals. That same decade, IBM engineers developed the first floppy disks.

Just like Levi Strauss’s partnership with Jacob Davis, many successful pioneering efforts at IBM have capitalized on strong partnerships with other organizations. For example, in the 1960s, IBM collaborated with NASA to develop hardware and software that would help send astronauts to the moon and bring them back safely. And in 1988, when IBM launched the AS/400 family of systems, IBM and IBM Business Partners teamed to introduce more than 1,000 software packages for the new platform. The AS/400 was a huge success—IBM shipped nearly half a million by 1997. The platform subsequently evolved into IBM i.

Explore the latest pioneering technologies at Think

From artificial intelligence (AI) to quantum computing, you’ll be able to explore a wide range of cutting-edge technologies at Think that can help you and your clients advance on your pioneering journeys. Just as important, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with IBM experts, other Business Partners and potential clients from across the globe while meeting up with prospects to expand your customer base.

It’s no longer science fiction. AI is here and it’s already having a significant impact in a broad range of functional business areas and industries. For your clients to become AI pioneers, you need to help guide them through potentially significant implementation challenges.

At Think, you’ll discover solutions such as IBM PowerAI Enterprise and IBM PowerAI Vision, which can help your clients address AI implementation hurdles. You’ll also hear how AI solutions are enabling organizations to increase the responsiveness of customer service, streamline talent searches and hiring, enhance manufacturing design, improve military resource management and more.

Being a pioneer can be dangerous. As you cut new paths, you might encounter an array of new threats. Today’s technology pioneers must continuously look for ways to bolster system security and safeguard data so they can move forward with confidence.

Think will feature more than 100 sessions, panel discussions, demos and hands-on labs that focus on security and resiliency. You can dig deep into specific IBM security solutions, examine key industry-specific challenges facing your clients and see how IBM and key Business Partners are teaming up to combat evolving threats.

Quantum computing
IBM has been making inroads into quantum computing for more than 35 years. Today the IBM Quantum Experience cloud-based platform is making it easier for more people to explore quantum computing. At Think, quantum computing experts will have an interactive demo that shows how to run algorithms on an IBM Q quantum computer. Plus they’ll offer Think Tank sessions on the fundamentals of quantum computing and programming a quantum computer.

Register for Think

Whether you are flying across an ocean by plane or traversing a continent in a horse-drawn carriage, we hope you’ll join other pioneers in San Francisco at Think, February 12–15, 2019. Learn more about partner-ready solutions and meet up with the experts and peers who can help you deliver innovative solutions to your growing client base. Register today!

Andrea Bush
Editor in Chief
Marketing Communications and Events

As Editor in Chief of Marketing Communications and Events, Andrea Bush is responsible for leading worldwide communications and events for the IBM Business Partner Ecosystem. With over 15 years of marketing and communications experience, Andrea leads a team of professionals and drives marketing efforts to build and promote the Business Partner ecosystem.

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