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Partner Experience Think 2019 Quiz Worldwide

Envisioning the future at Think 2019

What type of innovator are you? Take our short quiz to find out. Then discover what’s in store for innovators just like you at Think 2019.

You’re a visionary. You’re drawn to the big picture. You have a knack for seeing large-scale technology marketplace opportunities and envisioning innovative solutions for emerging challenges. You bring key goals into focus and shed new light on paths to success.

When you join us for Think 2019 in San Francisco this coming February, you’ll be in a city well known for nurturing and supporting visionaries across a wide range of fields, from art to technology.

For example, San Francisco was the birthplace of the visionary photographer, environmentalist and inventor Ansel Adams. In addition to producing iconic black-and-white images of Yosemite National Park and other landscapes in the American West, Adams helped create a photographic technique to optimize film exposure and development. (See some of Adams’s work at SFMOMA when you’re in San Francisco.) This city is also where inventor Philo Farnsworth created television. He successfully transmitted an image from a camera to a receiver in another room of his San Francisco lab in 1927.

Advancing visionary thinking in the Bay Area at IBM

IBM has also contributed to the rich history of visionary thinking—and breakthrough technology development—in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the 1950s, the IBM San Jose Research Laboratory produced the first commercial moving-head hard disk drive. In the 1970s, the same lab pioneered development of relational and SQL database technologies.

IBM Research – Almaden, which opened in San Jose in 1986, continued the work of the lab, creating DVD and Blu-ray encryption technology, developing brain-inspired supercomputing chips and more. Today the scientists, engineers and designers at this IBM Research center are zooming in on new solutions relating to artificial intelligence (AI), semiconductors, quantum computing, healthcare and more.

Enhancing your insight at Think

Visionary thinking will be well represented at Think 2019. We’ll have numerous inspiring talks from IBM executives and technologists. And we’ll offer sessions that explore emerging technologies such as quantum computing as well as partner-ready Watson and cloud solutions.

Initially conceived by IBM visionaries as a question-answering system that could win at Jeopardy!, Watson today is a broad suite of enterprise-ready—and partner-ready—AI services, applications and tools. Think 2019 will feature numerous sessions on Watson technology, including several that highlight the success customers have had implementing Watson-based solutions. Presenters will explore ways Watson is being used to support intelligent applications in everything from law enforcement and healthcare to augmented reality and fantasy football. We’ll also have a session on how Business Partners can streamline the process of developing and marketing new Watson apps using IBM Cloud.

As a young visionary, were you ever told that your head was in the clouds? These days, cloud thinking is not relegated to people with big ideas—in fact, it’s mandatory for just about anyone who wants to move their business forward.

At Think 2019, IBM is bringing together cloud and infrastructure in a single campus, underscoring the importance of finding the right infrastructure solutions to support expanding, multicloud environments. In more than 175 cloud-related sessions, IBM team members, Business Partners and customers will both shine a light on the challenges presented by cloud solutions and highlight numerous cloud-related successes that organizations have achieved.

Quantum computing
You don’t need a powerful telescope to visualize a fundamental shift in information processing. Quantum computing, which exploits the laws of quantum mechanics, is clearly on the horizon. It’s not just a futuristic concept. Over the past two years, IBM has provided quantum computing technology to more than 100,000 people around the world. Think will include a session on the present and future of quantum computing plus a demonstration of an IBM Q quantum computer.

Register for Think

Ready to meet up with other visionaries? Register for Think 2019 today. Bring the future into focus and explore a wide variety of partner-ready solutions that can help your clients realize their vision for success.

Andrea Bush
Editor in Chief
Marketing Communications and Events

As Editor in Chief of Marketing Communications and Events, Andrea Bush is responsible for leading worldwide communications and events for the IBM Business Partner Ecosystem. With over 15 years of marketing and communications experience, Andrea leads a team of professionals and drives marketing efforts to build and promote the Business Partner ecosystem.

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