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Partner Experience Think 2019 Quiz Worldwide

Architecting innovation at Think 2019

What type of innovator are you? Take our short quiz to find out. Then discover what’s in store for innovators just like you at Think 2019.

You’re an architect. You thrive on addressing the most complex challenges and designing innovative solutions. Whether you are forging new business partnerships or developing groundbreaking technologies, you are building something that will stand the test of time.

As an architect of innovation, you would be right at home in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Think 2019 will be held, February 12 – 15, 2019.

San Francisco is known for numerous iconic architectural landmarks—from the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Coit Tower to the Transamerica Pyramid, the Palace of Fine Arts Theater and the colorful “painted ladies” houses near Alamo Square. The city was also the birthplace for Julia Morgan—a prolific American architect and key member of the arts-and-crafts movement. Morgan designed more than 700 buildings in California, including Hearst Castle in San Simeon. Many of the buildings she designed or restored are located in the Bay Area.

The Bay Area has also been the home for numerous technology architects. These are the engineers who designed groundbreaking semiconductors and microprocessors; built the worldwide web and launched the dot-com era; developed a wide range of transformative software applications; and constructed the social media platforms we use every day. This type of architecture has thrived in the Bay Area for more than half a century.

Cultivating architectural approaches to innovation at IBM

IBM has fostered its own culture of innovative design and development for more than a century. Consider, for example, the history of the artificial intelligence (AI) architects at IBM. In the 1950s, IBM engineer Arthur Samuel demonstrated the potential power of “machine learning” (a term he coined) by architecting a program that could play checkers against itself and improve its abilities by learning from its own experience. In 1961, Samuel challenged the Connecticut state checker champion to a match against his program—and the program won.

As you probably know, that wasn’t the last time AI technology from IBM architects would defeat humans in high-profile games. In 1997 the IBM Deep Blue supercomputer defeated chess champion Gary Kasparov. And in 2011, IBM Watson defeated two human Jeopardy! champions. In both cases, the matches highlighted not only the immense compute power of IBM systems but also the ability of AI programs to capitalize on that power to make intelligent decisions rapidly.

Showcasing innovative architectures at Think 2019

The latest constructions from IBM architects and IBM Business Partners will be on full display at Think 2019. Explore new partner-ready solutions and tap into new insights that can help you multiply client successes.

At Think 2019, we’ll have more than 100 sessions, customer success stories and hands-on labs covering a variety of AI-related topics. We’ll showcase the IBM PowerAI Enterprise platform, which combines open source deep learning frameworks, efficient AI development tools and the IBM Power Systems Accelerated Compute Server to help overcome AI implementation hurdles. We’ll also feature customer success stories that highlight how organizations are using AI to deliver more responsive customer experiences, detect insurance fraud, improve agricultural planning, identify emerging opportunities in financial markets and more.

How can you help your clients architect a digital transformation for their business? In many cases, they might benefit from implementing a DevOps culture across IT. Taking advantage of cloud-based containers, microservices, APIs and automated pipelines can provide a solid foundation for agile growth, allowing businesses to tap into new capabilities rapidly without reinventing the wheel.

At Think 2019, IBM experts will offer tips for implementing that DevOps culture. Hands-on labs provide opportunities to develop new DevOps skills. For example, your team can learn to deploy a LAMP stack using Terraform and set up end-to-end automation across IBM z/OS and non-z/OS systems using Docker. Pass these skills along to your clients or use them to enhance your own services and solutions.

Whether your clients are ready for an upgrade or you intend to architect new solutions on the Power Systems platform, Think 2019 will offer an excellent opportunity to explore the latest Power Systems servers based on IBM POWER9 processors.

The latest generation of Power Systems servers has been purpose-built to handle extremely demanding workloads, including AI model building and training. Think 2019 will feature several customer success stories that show how organizations are using purpose-built Power Systems servers, such as the Power Systems AC922 server, to accelerate innovation.

The infrastructure team will also highlight how Power Systems servers can help support a variety of cloud deployment models while simplifying the management complexity of multi-cloud environments. In addition, several sessions will offer deep dives into the Power Systems platform’s multi-layer security capabilities, which extend from the processor up through the operating system.

Register for Think

What do you want to build next? Register for Think 2019 so you can meet fellow architects and discover what other people are constructing around the world.

Andrea Bush
Editor in Chief
Marketing Communications and Events

As Editor in Chief of Marketing Communications and Events, Andrea Bush is responsible for leading worldwide communications and events for the IBM Business Partner Ecosystem. With over 15 years of marketing and communications experience, Andrea leads a team of professionals and drives marketing efforts to build and promote the Business Partner ecosystem.

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